Paul Smith paul at
Mon Jun 9 18:12:43 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-06-09 at 12:28 -0500, Vinny Ray wrote:
> As a new user I am installing and uninstalling many different software
> programs from the software center to find replacements for the ones on
> windows. And I find it a pain to have to log in each time I install or
> uninstall a piece of software.

It might be helpful if the file manager integrated with the relevant
permissions utility and allowed you to enter your password to get
elevated privileges to modify the permissions on system files.  I
suspect that most people working with those files find the graphical
file managers too slow and clunky to be useful, and use the terminal
instead.  So, no one has felt any incentive to make this work.

The system files are not writable and/or readable for a very good
reason, and in general you do NOT want to go mucking with them,
especially as a new user, unless you really enjoy reinstalling your
system from scratch after messing it up.

If you know enough to be messing with the permissions, etc. on these
files, then you'll also likely know how to get privileges to mess with

For the other issue, what method are you using to install/uninstall

I was under the impression that the graphical software management tools
required you to enter your password only once per session (I assume when
you say "log in" you just mean entering your password, and you're not
really actually logging out and back in again).

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