Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS for *very* old server hardware

Niki Kovacs info at microlinux.fr
Mon Jun 9 11:13:25 UTC 2014

Le 09/06/2014 11:45, Liam Proven a écrit :
> Not in under 128MB of RAM, no!

I just created a virtual machine in VirtualBox with 110 MB RAM and a 
single processor, and the installation CD booted slowly but without any 
> Can you not find some old SDRAM and upgrade it a little? Even my old
> G3 Macs at home have 512MB or 1GB of RAM - old SDRAM DIMMs are so
> plentiful and cheap now, I max out every turn-of-the-century machine I
> get.

I'm working as a Linux trainer in a company in Montpellier. They have an 
armada of brand-new Fujitsu quad-core servers which I could use very 
well. At the beginning of the course, the Windows Server trainer 
complained that "8 GB RAM was a bit too light for a server 
installation", so I decided to install a complete Linux server system on 
this old dinosaur just to nag him a little bit.


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