Audio Problem

Doug dmcgarrett at
Sun Jun 8 20:11:16 UTC 2014

On 06/08/2014 03:20 PM, Richard wrote:
> On 6/8/2014 9:35 AM, Vinny Ray wrote:
> Everything is up, mic is muted. I don't think its a settings problem.
> The audio works fine through the laptop's internal speakers.
> There is only a problem when I plug in external computer speakers into
> the external speaker jack.
> Its almost as if the external speaker output jack is no longer sending a
> stereo signal so when I plug in a stereo pin jack there is nothing.
> Two questions Vinny:
> Is the external speaker plug so labeled or is it a headphone jack?
> Are the speakers you are connecting self-powered i e they have their 
> own power source that amplifies the signal.?
> I suggest you borrow a pair of headphones and plug those in, if you 
> can hear through them it means you need to connect self-power speakers.
> Richard I
If you need powered speakers--most likely--then I suggest one of two 

1. For pretty good sound, get a Logitech system, with two small speakers 
and a
subwoofer. that will cost somewhere around $40 or $50. Worth the money.
(I have no financial interest in Logitech, nor do I know anyone who 
works for them.)

2. For even better sound, get a hi-fi system with regular floor-standing 
(Such speakers are hard to come by anymore, except the really high end
for really big bucks. But if you go to yard/garage sales this summer, 
you should
find a pair. Always take the grill off and look at the cones. They must 
not be
tattered or ripped!  As far as the hi-fi amplifier, it seems that you 
can always
find a receiver at these yard sales. Two or three on any Saturday! 
one channel doesn't work, so you take your chances, but the price is so
low you might as well throw out a bad one and go find another. One advantage
of getting a hi-fi system is that it has multiple inputs, and you can play a
CD player, a cassette tape deck, or even a record player thru it as well as
the computer. Or listen to FM radio, if you can stand it!

I have done both, and since I have more than one computer, I have both 
running. the hi-fi is really good, or course. If you go with the 
Logitech, you
might not want to put the subwoofer up against a wall--it enhances the bass
so much that I wound up running the input thru a 9-channel equalizer!


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