32-bit vs 64-bit

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On 5 June 2014 20:34, AFJ Headquarters <agents4jesus at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have an Intel Atom Processor running at 1.60GHz in my old Netbook, so it's
> very slow.

The Intel Atom chip is a very low-performance chip because it is a
very basic simple design so as to use less electricity and emit less

>  On top of that, I have 0.99GB of RAM.

Rounding error; that is 1GB.

> Your processor runs
> at 1.90GHz, only 0.3 GHz faster than mine.

Yes, but an AMD Turion 64 x2 is a vastly more capable chip. GHz do not
make much difference, any more than RPM makes difference to the power
of a petrol engine - it's the cylinder capacity that counts, not how
fast it revs.

The Turion is a 64-bit chip, as it says in the name, and it's
dual-core, which is what the X2 means.

It's about 4-6 times faster than your Atom.

> Your RAM is only 1.1GBs more than
> my RAM.

In other words, twice as much - a big difference.

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