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Le 04/06/2014 09:21, Vinny Ray a écrit :
> What is the best way to approach this?

I've been 100 % GNU/Linux since 2001, when I discovered Slackware 7.1. 
Today I'm running a small Linux-based IT company, and I also work as a 
Linux trainer for companies in France.

The last time I've used Microsoft Windows was just before Windows XP 
came out. I've never touched any Windows system for work since, except 
of course to integrate Windows clients in a Linux network.

Why not just backup your data and migrate your PC completely? I don't 
understand the double boot philosophy, which basically transforms your 
PC into a two-headed hydra, and you decide on boot time which one of the 
heads you will speak to. Microsoft Windows is often treated like one of 
those sacred cows on an Indian road, forcing bus drivers to complicated 
detours just because it's sitting there on its fat ass.

I'd see the problem the other way around. I couldn't possibly migrate to 
MS Windows, because there's so many things this crappy OS can't do. I've 
explained all this in two detailed books I wrote a few years back.


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