New message when copying file?

Knute Johnson ubuntu at
Mon Jun 2 20:59:29 UTC 2014

So doing some more snooping I find that there is a directory in the 
/etc/ufw/applications.d directory called apache2.  I moved the two 
apache profile files (apache2.2-common and apache2-utils.ufw.profile) to 
that directory and the error messages went away.  The odd thing though 
is that both of those files have the same information in them.  So then 
I deleted the apache2.2-common file and ufw still works without error 
message.  I have no idea if I've totally hosed it up somewhere else 
though :-).

Thanks again,


On 6/2/2014 13:30, Colin Law wrote:
> On 2 June 2014 20:06, Knute Johnson <ubuntu at> wrote:
>> Colin:
>> Thanks, it is in fact coming from ufw.  Every time I run ufw I get this
>> message.  I thought it was coming from a different part of my script.  Now I
>> just have to figure out what to do about it :-).
> Don't forget to mark the bug to say you are affected, and sign up for
> notifications about it.
> Colin
>> knute...
>> On 6/2/2014 08:58, Colin Law wrote:
>>> On 2 June 2014 16:12, Knute Johnson <ubuntu at> wrote:
>>>> I've got a script that does some backup at night and copies my apache
>>>> configuration files to a usb flash drive.  Since I upgraded from 12.04LTS
>>>> to
>>>> 14.04LTS I'm getting a message in the script return that shows the
>>>> following;
>>>> WARN: Duplicate profile 'Apache', using last found
>>>> WARN: Duplicate profile 'Apache Secure', using last found
>>>> WARN: Duplicate profile 'Apache Full', using last found
>>>> Anybody know what causes this and how do I get rid of the duplicate?
>>> It does not sound likely that this is coming from your script directly
>>> if all it is doing is copying config files.  Possible
>>> Colin
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