New message when copying file?

Knute Johnson ubuntu at
Mon Jun 2 21:07:14 UTC 2014

Oh but it turns out that ufw doesn't find the profile file if it is in 
the apache2 subdirectory.  So I moved one of them out of the apache2 
subdirectory and now it is working fine and showing all the apps when I 
run ufw app list;

knute at knutejohnson:/etc/ufw/applications.d$ sudo ufw app list
Available applications:
   Apache Full
   Apache Secure
   Dovecot IMAP
   Dovecot POP3
   Dovecot Secure IMAP
   Dovecot Secure POP3

So it appears that the problem really was that there were two profile 
files in /etc/ufw/applications.d and that the directory 
/etc/ufw/applications.d/apache2 is not used by ufw.

Neither of the profile files were new to the upgrade and had been in the 
computer for some time.  This leads me to think that maybe the version 
of ufw in 12.04 didn't care if there were two profile files.


On 6/2/2014 13:59, Knute Johnson wrote:
> So doing some more snooping I find that there is a directory in the 
> /etc/ufw/applications.d directory called apache2.  I moved the two 
> apache profile files (apache2.2-common and apache2-utils.ufw.profile) 
> to that directory and the error messages went away.  The odd thing 
> though is that both of those files have the same information in them.  
> So then I deleted the apache2.2-common file and ufw still works 
> without error message. I have no idea if I've totally hosed it up 
> somewhere else though :-).
> Thanks again,
> knute...
> On 6/2/2014 13:30, Colin Law wrote:
>> On 2 June 2014 20:06, Knute Johnson <ubuntu at> wrote:
>>> Colin:
>>> Thanks, it is in fact coming from ufw.  Every time I run ufw I get this
>>> message.  I thought it was coming from a different part of my 
>>> script.  Now I
>>> just have to figure out what to do about it :-).
>> Don't forget to mark the bug to say you are affected, and sign up for
>> notifications about it.
>> Colin
>>> knute...
>>> On 6/2/2014 08:58, Colin Law wrote:
>>>> On 2 June 2014 16:12, Knute Johnson <ubuntu at> wrote:
>>>>> I've got a script that does some backup at night and copies my apache
>>>>> configuration files to a usb flash drive.  Since I upgraded from 
>>>>> 12.04LTS
>>>>> to
>>>>> 14.04LTS I'm getting a message in the script return that shows the
>>>>> following;
>>>>> WARN: Duplicate profile 'Apache', using last found
>>>>> WARN: Duplicate profile 'Apache Secure', using last found
>>>>> WARN: Duplicate profile 'Apache Full', using last found
>>>>> Anybody know what causes this and how do I get rid of the duplicate?
>>>> It does not sound likely that this is coming from your script directly
>>>> if all it is doing is copying config files.  Possible
>>>> Colin
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