Firefox problems

Bill Stanley bstanle at
Thu Dec 18 21:19:54 UTC 2014

Hi Colin,
> apt-cache policy flashplugin-installer
~ $ apt-cache policy flashplugin-installer
   Installed: (none)
   Version table: 0
         500 saucy-updates/multiverse 
amd64 Packages
saucy-security/multiverse amd64 Packages 0
         500 saucy/multiverse amd64 
  ~ $

I think you are on to something!  I checked my plugins and I have the 
Shockwave Flash and FF says that it was blocked because it 
has known security problems.  It also says that it should be updated.

As I understand it, Adobe no longer issues updates for Linux.  If there 
are any updates how can I get them.  Note:  I am using Mint/Mate so if 
it is available in the Ubuntu repository, how do I add this repository?  
If this is the last version (see the above paragraph)  is there any work 

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