Hot corners window spread crashes Compiz

Karl Auer kauer at
Thu Dec 4 06:21:52 UTC 2014

After an update to Compiz today (Ununtu 14.04-1) every time I used a
hotcorner to generate a window spread (workspace or all), Compiz
crashed. actually it crashed the second time.

In case anyone else is getting the same thing, here is the solution I
found that fixed it. many thanks to Mahfuzur Rahman Shaon (shaon121) for
logingthis solution under this Launchpad bug:

   install compiz manager then -> unity plugin -> on the left side there
   you'll see "use this plugin" uncheck the box unity will crash but the
   window will remain opened. Then check "use this plugin" again and
   you'll see it says conflicting key bindings found. disable
   keybindings. and you are all SET :) :) :)

He (she?) reckons "multiple command for a single function of unity
causes this. for me i had cntrl+super+d -> show desktop, then i enabled
the hotcorner show desktop and it started crashing on window spread."

The solution above is not an exact description. The plugin is actually
called the "Ubuntu Unity Plugin" and in my case it conflicted with the
"Gnome Compatibility Plugin", which I allowed the settings manager to
disable, then it conflicted with the "General Settings" Show Desktop
command which I also allowed the settings manager to disable. I never
saw a message about conflicting key bindings, though that was I suppose
implicit in the Show Desktop command.

Anyway, so far it all looks good.

Regards, K.

Karl Auer (kauer at

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