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Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Wed Dec 3 06:46:28 UTC 2014

On Tue, Dec 02, 2014 at 03:29:55PM -0500, Amaury Viera Hernández wrote:
> Hi everyone:
> I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.
> My main problem is that gnome shell is not loading. Instead gnome
> classic is loading by default. When I execute gnome-shell --replace,
> gnome shell is loading but begin to blink. I think that this is a
> video trouble.

That sounds plausible.

> Please, apologize for my language. 
> Regards, Amaury.
> This is my lshw output:
>         *-display
>              descripción: VGA compatible controller
>              producto: Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller

Hm, Intel video usually works great.

Can you try Ubuntu 14.04?

Marius Gedminas
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