10.04.4 LTS: Cannnot select chromium-browser as default browser in preferred applications

Peter Smout smoutpete at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 14:43:48 UTC 2014

On 26/04/14 15:41, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 26 April 2014 10:37:46 Peter Smout did opine:
>> On 26/04/14 15:17, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> On Saturday 26 April 2014 09:54:18 Liam Proven did opine:
>>>> On 26 April 2014 02:53, Gene Heskett <gheskett at wdtv.com> wrote:
>>>>> I suspect I may have a perms problem, so where does the file the
>>>>> prefered applications requester located on 10.04.4 LTS?
>>>> How many times, Gene?
>>>> *Don't run apps on your mill-control machine.*
>>> Or my lathe control machine?  Shirley you jest since both run a
>>> browser, and both run konversation because help is often just a 5
>>> foot walk to the other keyboard and ask the question.
>>>> Keep it pristine and clean and pure, with only the CNC-control
>>>> software on it, and ideally, isolated off the Internet. 10.04 is past
>>>> it now.
>>> Nope, absolutely not isolated, other than by dd-wrt in my router, they
>>> are part of my local network, that way the update-manager can keep me
>>> up to speed as there is a new release, and a new build almost daily
>>> as both linuxcnc-2.5.4, which I'm running on those 2 boxes, and
>>> 2.6.0, which I am running in simulate mode on this machine and
>>> 2.7.0-pre (current bleeding edge, are under active development, and
>>> when 14.04 LTS becomes stable, we'll build an RTAI version of it for
>>> real time usage, and will then cobble up an install CD for 14.04 LTS
>>> plus our RTAI patch.  That patch is very invasive, so it takes quite
>>> an effort to get a good build, so we do not follow Linus's latest
>>> ever.  I'll give it another 6 weeks to get the 14.04 CD compiled.
>>> Then those that do have a net connection will upgrade.  Those that
>>> are busy making a living with it likely will not until they discover
>>> something in the newer stuff they need.  There is, when its your
>>> income at stake, an understandable reticence about fixing something
>>> that for their usage, is not broke.  Me, its a hobby, basically
>>> keeping the old man out of the bars, so I can afford to cut myself
>>> occasionally. :)  But FF on this machine has gone into self destruct
>>> mode, largely because some of the leakier java has been removed.  And
>>> our ssl is too old to have the heartbleed bug.
>> I'd question that! My understanding of heartbleed is that it's a bug
>> that has existed since openssl was introduced and only just been
>> discovered ;(
>> I could be wrong though, but worth checking up on ;)
>> Pete S
>>>> Run 12.04 as a minimum on your own desktop/laptops, preferably 14.04
>>>> in a few weeks once it's stabilised, and you won't have these
>>>> problems.
>>> I am still getting security backports for the 10.04 LTS stuff.  Once
>>> or twice a week.  We have not been thrown under the bus just yet.
>>> Cheers, Gene
> No, its a recently added feature, came in with the 1.00 release.  0.98F
> that is used on 10.04.4 LS does not even have that code in it.  For a
> change, we got lucky. :)
> Cheers, Gene
I bow to your superior knowledge ;)

Thanks for the info

Pete S

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