14.04 upgrade issues

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Tue Apr 22 04:56:09 UTC 2014

John Sowden wrote:
> two computers-xubuntu:
> ongoing problem-both computers running xubuntu, neither the same. Now
> its 14.04 time
> home upgraded via the net
> screen looks the same, says ubuntu 14.04 lts (not xubuntu)
> but otherwise, my structure is the same (menu, icons, etc.)
> office upgraded via dvd iso
> different story
> my icons are gone

There may be a package missing with themes or icons or a similar name. 
Use the command

dpkg --get-selections >packages.txt

on each machine to make a list of installed packages and then compare 
both files to find a difference.

> the top bar (its got a name) is empty (how am I supposed to play
> freecell when talking to a customer if its not on the top bar? ? :)

Do you have freecell in the top bar at home?

> the menu is gone, substituted with "favorites" how microdollar (m$)
> my home directory is now buried in the file system.

Well, I was pleased by the look of the new menu which reminded me of the 
familiar KDE menu. I don't have a Xubuntu machine running right now, so 
I can only speculate ... if the new menu is not only a copy of the KDE 
look but also of the functionality, you could navigate to the entry of 
your home directory, right-click on the icon and select "copy to 
favourites". Then you would see the entry for your home immediately when 
you open the menu.

> what now?

Another idea: If you want to have both machines with identical layout, 
you could copy the config files from your home machine to the office 
machine. I mean the config files in your home directory which are in 
"$HOME/.config", "$HOME/.local" and possibly others. But be careful when 
you try that approach. Just in case it doesn't work, you should save the 
existing files on your office machine and not simply replace the 

> psssssssssss: if we expect Linux to conquer the world, these things
> should not happen.

True, that shouldn't happen, but Linux has already conquered the world. 
It runs on every Android phone and on many embedded systems where you 
may not even expect a computer inside. It only has not yet conquered the 


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