Hibernate On Lid Close

Sajan Parikh sajan at parikh.io
Mon Apr 21 19:20:13 UTC 2014

14.04 is working extremely well for me in every way.  I've got 
everything tweaked just the way I want, without any issues; I'll 
definitely stay on this release for a long time.

However, I was wanting to get hibernate functionality working on my 
laptop.  My hardware seems to handle it just fine, I've tested it with 
pm-hibernate, and everything came back up as expected.  Except for Wifi, 
which I had to restart and is no big deal.

I've added 'Hibernte' to the Unity panel, and that works just fine. I 
did that by adding the following lines to 

[Enable Hibernate]

That works fine, however I'm unable to get the option showing under 
Power Settings for 'When Lid Is Closed', which is really the crucial 
thing for me.  I do see Hibernate under 'When Power Is Critically Low', 
just not for when I close my laptop.

If anyone has any idea how to get this working cleanly, a message would 
be appreciated.


Sajan Parikh

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