Upgrading Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS...?

Nikhil Nair nnair at pobox.com
Fri Apr 18 22:28:57 UTC 2014


The 14.04 LTS version of Ubuntu Server is already available, isn't it?

Onn a 12.04 LTS server I'm using, after successfully doing `sudo apt-get
dist-upgrade' and `sudo apt-get update', `sudo do-release-upgrade' returns
Checking for a new Ubuntu release
No new release found

Just to confirm, `uname -mrs; lsb_release -a' returns
Linux 3.2.0-60-generic x86_64
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description:    Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS
Release:        12.04
Codename:       precise

Did I miss out a step or two here?  I did check that update-manager-core
was installed (presumably do-release-upgrade wouldn't have worked at all if
it hadn't been installed).

Oh, BTW, I'm aware that I might be able to get past this problem by giving
the -d flag to do-release-upgrade; however, I definitely don't want a
development release, so that sounds like a bad idea to me: it's the new LTS
release I'm after.



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