upgrade solves other issues?

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Mon Apr 7 20:58:59 UTC 2014

John R. Sowden wrote:
> I am having a problem whereby gcc and other low level programs cannot
> be upgraded (even by root).  

How do you try to upgrade and what is the error message?

> I have written about this before with
> varying responses.  I do not want to (unless I _have_ to) remove
> Ubuntu from my computer and "reinstall the operating system", as
> Microsoft says.  I will not know what programs I have added, written,
> etc. over the years that will be lost.  Will upgrading to 14.04 solve
> this issue?
> Also what directories will be left alone?

Generally an upgrade leaves /home and /usr/local alone (and maybe others 
as well). But if you really mean a release upgrade (and not a fresh 
install where you keep you /home directory), it will probably not work, 
if you can't upgrade low level programs like you wrote above.

BTW: You should install your own programs in /usr/local and I would also 
suggest to use checkinstall to make deb packages out of your programs. 
Then you can keep the packages to reinstall them in case you want to use 
a fresh install of a new release instead of an upgrade.


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