Is it alright to start installing Ubuntu 14.04 already?

Liam Proven lproven at
Mon Apr 7 13:33:46 UTC 2014

On 7 April 2014 13:20, Martín Cigorraga <martincigorraga at> wrote:
> I want to say I enjoyed reading both emails but I fear we are getting
> _slightly_ off-topic guys (not sure really, I yet have to read this list
> policy...).
> But as the saying goes, 'rained over wet', here is an example of my devotion
> for Arch I originally composed years ago when I looking for a sexy GRUB
> splash screen for my then 17" CRT 1280x1024 monitor (this is a resampled
> version):
> Btw, I would suggest to move this conversation out of this thread or just
> continue it privately if the former goes against the house rules =)

You're right, it is indeed offtopic.

For such conversations, do please come over and join us in the
Sounder-in-Exile, the new home for what used to be Ubuntu's official
place for such stuff.!forum/bikeshed

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