Unity: Bigger Buttons?

blind Pete 0123peter at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 10:14:03 UTC 2014

Martín Cigorraga wrote:

> Oh, you're right Colin, thank you for pointing that, I read OP's email in
> a rush :P
> I don't know any ways to enlarge or shrink windows' control buttons, I
> don't know if that's even possible...

Yes it is, in several different ways.  

14.04 has a control to scale the user interface, that works very well.  

12.04 has some obscure options that are very hard to work out.  

"X" has several scaling mechanisms that might or might not work and 
might or might not fight each other.  Depending on the driver and 
configuration; <ctl><alt><keypad +/-> gives a nice zoom and pan.  
<super><scroll wheel> gives a very nice zoom and pan.  Just configuring 
the screen as having half the resolution it actually has *should* 
double the size of all of the UI "furnature", but it might be necessary 
to add; 
    Option         "ConstantDPI" "False"
to </etc/X11/xorg.conf>, because nVidia think that if something 
changes in the relationship between pixels, inches and dots per inch, 
it must have been the size of the monitor that changed.  

Happy hacking.  

blind Pete
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