Running Ubuntu on Lenovo Laptops

Phil phil at
Tue Apr 1 19:38:51 UTC 2014

On 1/04/2014 7:11 PM, Peter Goggin wrote:
> Thank you all for the replies about this topic.
> The four laptops are used for different things.
> The X61S is used for emails, web searches and record keeping. The main 
> programs are Firefox, Thunderbird and Microsoft office. I know that 
> Firefox and Thunderbird run under Ubuntu. I know that LibreOffice 
> provides similar functionaliity to MS Office and can save and read 
> files in MS format.   This will be the first machine I convert.
> Currently the hard drive has two partitions, One is NTFS and the 
> oither smaller one is FAT32. I beleive the FAT32 partition is used to 
> rebuild XP on the main partition.  Presumably the Ubuntu installation 
> will overwrite both these partitions and format them as a single 
> partion.  Once this is done I cannot return the system to run XP.  I 
> have all the data files backed up to an external hard drive.
> I am getting too old to learn many new tricks so I would appreciate 
> gudance on how to do the conversion.
> How do I transfer my email for the XP version of Thunderbird to the 
> Ubuntu version
> What applications come as standard with Ubunto.

There is one trick i have used in the past to get mail up and running in 
Linux. Inside .thunderbird, you need to make a file called profiles.ini. 
Open up this new text file in your favourite text editor, and paste in 
the following code:
                 Replace the xxxxxxxx with the real name of your profile 
folder. Save the file and quit, and now launch Thunderbird. Your email 
should load up as if nothing has happened and all your archives should 
be up and rolling. Should you run into any problems with folder unread 
counts being incorrect, you'll have to go through the affected folders, 
mark items so that the unread count is correct again, then go to the 
'File' menu and select 'Compact Folders' to force those changes to save 
to disk, or the problem will reoccur.

> The X61S has Intel Core 2Duo LvL7500 (1.6GHz) processor and 2 Gb memory.
> 12.1inch (1024x768 resolution) TFT display, Intel X3100 - integrated 
> graphicschipset
> Will this be able to run the full Ubuntu LTS release which is due this 
> month?
> What desktop would I need to use:
> Thanks for any help.
> Regards
> Peter Goggin

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