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Tue Apr 1 10:45:11 UTC 2014

On 1 April 2014 11:29, Peter Smout <smoutpete at> wrote:
> I thought the GTK2 tool-kit was all but dead due to legal issues with them
> at Redmond, but that is not what this thread is for.....

No, there's no particular issue with any toolkit from MICROS~1 that
I'm aware of. The issue with Gtk2 is that it's superseded - but the
thing is that Gtk3 is still young, still unstable, is tied closely
into GNOME 3 and is not terribly interested in or bothered about input
from anyone else.

I found this talk particularly informative:

It's long - 3/4 hr - but worth it.

For the instability of Gtk3, read this, especially read the 1st 3
links given in that 1st message:

Gtk2 is old and effectively end-of-life, but the flipside of that is
that it is mature and stable. It's not clear to me who, if anyone, is
maintaining it - but lots of desktops and apps use it and depend on
it, so there is certainly enough interest to keep it alive for now.
Xfce, LXDE and Maté all depend on Gtk2.

Moving from Gtk2 to Gtk3 is not trivial, but it's not impossible - so
if a time comes when some horrible problem is discovered in Gtk2 which
there is nobody to fix, then there /is/ a migration path.

Alternatively, some Gtk2 projects are moving to Qt instead - see the
video I like above, and of course also LXDE and Unity are both
switching toolkits to Qt.

Summary: right now, Gtk2 is not going anywhere. The migration path for
Gtk2 projects is still unclear - it is not safe to assume Gtk3 is its
natural successor. Some may go to Qt, or something else altogether.

> I agree Linux Mint is a Very good distro, but suffers from the same problem
> as Zorin (another Ubuntu spin-off) in that it's too windoze like for me but
> that again is a personal choice ;¬)

I personally agree, but the OP said that he didn't want to have to
re-learn too much. That's why I am recommending them.

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