Ctrl+Alt minimises the active window.

Avi Greenbury lists at avi.co
Sat Oct 26 19:00:22 UTC 2013

Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> 2013/10/26 Avi Greenbury <lists at avi.co>
>> Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
>>> Seems like COmpiz for 12.04 is extremely buggy. I saw it mentioned in
>>> another thread back in 2012, and some of the bugs should be corrected
>>> by now, but those corrections are NOT implemented in Ubuntu 12.04, so
>>> why use a LTS?
>> Which bugs are these? Normally the comments subtly explain why any fixes
>> have not made it beyond a patch attached to a bugreport.
> There are quite a few. One of them is that the Grid plugin doesn't work
> properly (it did in Ubuntu 10.10). When I move a window to the right or
> left (Ctrl+Super+4 or Ctrl+Super+6), the window size should change for each
> time I press these keys, just as it does for upper right, upper left, lower
> right and lower left, but the window size seems locked to half the desktop
> size.

Yeah, where are they are on Launchpad?

>>> I am not sure what to install instead, though. Mint with Maté seems
>>> like a good choice, but sooner or later I will probably want GTK+3.
>>> Cinnamon should then be a good choice, but it's said to be slow,
>>> even slower than Unity, and compiz is not supported (which I don't
>>> need, I just want it…).
>> Are you basically after a UI that looks like 2007, or do you have some
>> special requirements? Unity's not noticeably laggy here (this isn't a
>> *highly* specced laptop) and your use of compiz hints at a
>> graphically-capable machine anyway.
> Well, everything I do now that involves Unity is slower than it was with
> Ubuntu 10.10.

Which version of Unity? It's changed fairly dramatically since 12.04.

> Searching for files with Launch Panel → Home → Files and
> Folders takes very long each time, it doesn't seem to learn at all which
> files I often use. And files that doesn't have anything to do with the text
> I type shows up for no reason at all. 

I think this is now better, but I'm not a huge user of the search function.

> In Ubuntu 10.10 I had my recent files conveniently available. 

Hitting the Windows key seems to bring up my recently-accessed files,
and there's an entry for a view of them in the sidebar in the file browser.

> I also need to move the mouse a lot more with Unity than with Gnome 2.

That's counter to my experience (which is likely down to our simply
doing different things). Unity's got some new keyboard shortcuts, but is
there anything off the top of your head that you now apparently cannot
do with the keyboard in Unity?

> My machine isn't very capable (a 32-bit laptop, 2 GB RAM, 1,6 GHz dual
> core, bought in late 2006), but Compiz worked fine with Ubuntu 10.10, so I
> think it wouldn't be too much to ask for that it should still work with
> 12.04.

If only! 3D desktops have spent a little while evolving like games -
getting more pretty and more resource-hungry. While Compiz was a thing
you could turn off this seemed quite reasonable.

I gather that there's a renewed focus on efficiency now that 3D is the
default, but I've no hardware with which to verify that.

> Unless I use Ubuntu 7.04 – 10.10. Worked well with those versions.
> It's a Nvidia GeForce Go 7300.

Yeah, it looks like that's old enough that no recent kernel's going to
work with what drivers have been published; support's not very likely to
get better.


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