Problem copying photos from Iphone.

sktsee sktseer at
Sat Oct 19 16:22:26 UTC 2013

On Fri, 18 Oct 2013 20:17:34 -0500, Jimmy Bradley wrote:

> Hi All,
>        I'm currently running Ubuntu 13.10, after upgrading from 13.04.
> A problem that I'm not having is copying photos from my Iphone to the
> 13.10 machine. I was not having this problem with 13.04. Using the 13.10
> machine, when I plug my iphone in, it's recognized, and I can access the
> folder where photos are stored with no problems, and I can view photos
> with no trouble. The problem is, when I try to copy photos, using drag
> and drop, I get a message that says " Not supported at the backend", and
> the photo won't copy to the 13.10 machine. I have 2 other machines. One
> still running 13.04, the other running 12.04. I have no problems with
> either of those two machines. Does anyone have any ideas?
> Thanks
> Jim

It's a regression in glib. According to the latter bug report there is a 
fixed package in the proposed repository that will be undergoing testing. 
If no problems are found it'll then be released as an update. In the 
meantime, you can either copy the files using a command-line utility like 
cp or gphoto2, or use a gui utility like Shotwell or Gthumb to import 
photos. Of course, you could also install the fixed glib package from -
proposed, but only if you are comfortable with testing and know how to 
recover a potentially broken system (glib is the core gnome library).


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