Problem copying photos from Iphone.

Jimmy Bradley bmobile40 at
Sat Oct 19 01:17:34 UTC 2013

       Hi All,
       I'm currently running Ubuntu 13.10, after upgrading from 13.04.
A problem that I'm not having is copying photos from my Iphone to the
13.10 machine. I was not having this problem with 13.04. Using the 13.10
machine, when I plug my iphone in, it's recognized, and I can access the
folder where photos are stored with no problems, and I can view photos
with no trouble. The problem is, when I try to copy photos, using drag
and drop, I get a message that says " Not supported at the backend", and
the photo won't copy to the 13.10 machine. I have 2 other machines. One
still running 13.04, the other running 12.04. I have no problems with
either of those two machines. Does anyone have any ideas? 



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