need Spice client HOW-TO

LimpTeaM limp at
Fri Oct 11 10:10:51 UTC 2013


I have proxmox server with Windows vms. In some VMs i use QXL video driver.
On Windows machine(real) i install virt-viewer from, but 
i have troble with installing it on linux.

The main error after installing all packages on Ubuntu 13.04 is

"Cannot find guest domain /var/tmp/spiceproxy"

Is it possible to install correctly virt-viewer in Ubuntu 13.04 which 
working with proxmox? In i read that virt-viewer version 
must be 0.5.7 or higher.But in 13.04 i see only 0.5.3...
Where i can get the package for 13.04 or HOW-To to install it?

Thanks for help!

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