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Ric Moore wayward4now at
Mon Oct 7 21:09:01 UTC 2013

On 10/07/2013 04:30 PM, R Kimber wrote:
> On Mon, 07 Oct 2013 14:44:16 -0400
> Ric Moore wrote:
>>> Bus 001 Device 016: ID 04b4:930b Cypress Semiconductor Corp
>> Ok, seeing the device is half the battle. Others on this list in the
>> past have disabled HDA in order for the 'more primitive" plain-jane
>> audio to become available. Forage around in your bios and, if found,
>> turn it off. If all you are going to use is the USB device, turn off
>> support for onboard sound, for the time being. It's not like it's
>> permanent.
> I disabled onboard sound in the BIOS.  All that's happened, unsurprisingly,
> is the built-in sound is no longer listed.
>> Just for ducks, as alsa seems hell bent on using both HDA sound devices.
>> So, remove them. Funny that you seem to have two sound cards, both set
>> to HDA. If one is a secondary card, remove it too. You can always put it
>> back in. The trick will be to get the USB sound device working now. Ric
> The other HDA is I think provided by the video card, which I can't take out.
> But in any event, given that it used to work, the most likely scenario is
> software configuration - maybe it's to do with UDEV, or whatever handles
> USB connections, but most likely to do with Alsa, which doesn't want to
> initialize USB for some reason.

Re-run alsa mixer again. See if the USB device is now shown. Something 
must have it turned off (muted).

You might consider having it plugged in when rebooting.

Or, maybe there is some orphan lock file somewhere? Lord, this one gets 
stranger and stranger!

And you are sure, looking at your manual that you have it plugged into 
the 2,0 USB interface, in case there is a mix of 1.0 and 2.0 ports? My 
older machine had a mix of both. And you are plugged directly in and not 
through some USB expander? Trouble shooting with a shotgun at this stage.

Here's mine, show me yours!
ric at iam:~/Downloads$ cat /proc/asound/cards
  0 [CMI8768        ]: CMI8738-MC8 - C-Media CMI8768
                       C-Media CMI8768 at 0xe800, irq 22
  1 [NVidia         ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia
                       HDA NVidia at 0xfbf7c000 irq 19
  2 [NVidia_1       ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia
                       HDA NVidia at 0xfe9f8000 irq 17
  3 [Set            ]: USB-Audio - C-Media USB Headphone Set
                       C-Media USB Headphone Set at usb-0000:00:13.0-2, 
full speed

Yes, I have TWO nVidia video cards and both have HDA, which I have 
turned off via pulse. Note, my onboard audio is off in the bios and does 
not show. The CMI8768 is a plugin board.

Also, if you type sudo lsusb -v you'll see EVERYTHING there is including 
how your audio device is detected, in detail. I'll email you a copy of 
mine, directly, for you to compare. Ric

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