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Basil Chupin blchupin at
Sat Oct 5 10:35:52 UTC 2013

On 05/10/13 17:28, Ric Moore wrote:
> On 10/05/2013 01:29 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
>> On 05/10/13 14:09, Ric Moore wrote:

>>> Ah, but the OP related that "Error: unable to connect to pulseaudio:"
>>> so starting/restarting the deamon might yield more info? Heh, it's
>>> gonna be a good bit O fun!
>> "Nothing ventured nothing gained", as the Actress said to the Bishop.
>> What the OP quoted may have been the gui message which may be different
>> to what one sees on a command line. "Suck it and see", as the Actress
>> said to the Bishop :-) .
>>> Creating a new user would be the easiest test you think? If the new
>>> user has the same problem, then the fault will be system wide.
>> True - but unless one runs it from the command line you will (probably)
>> get the same error message and be still none the wiser.
>>> Mostly some hand edit up somewhere in /etc/alsa?
>>> Huh, no more alsa in my /etc directory but there is a /etc/pulse
>>> directory. Maybe the hand edit is there? I have no .asound in my home
>>> directory as well. If he added it, rm it. :) Ric
>> I don't see any references to alsa in my home directory. But to help to
>> find where alsa and pulseaudio are lurking I have posted these
>> screenshots of the list of files and where they lurk:
>> Alsa -
>> Pulseaudio -
>>                   -
>>                   -
>> Note that for pulse the list overlaps from image to image but in all
>> there are 155 files for pulseaudio (and only 27 for alsa - and who is it
>> that dislikes blotware, hmmmmmm? :-) ).
>> (The screenshots, btw, come from YaST, the openSUSE file manager
>> extraordinaire.)
> I'm going to sic Liam on you. RPM should just roll over and die.

You can sic him and anyone else if you like unto me for all its worth 
and my response will always be the same: there are people who still 
believe that the Earth is flat and there are deluded and delusional 
people who still keep voting Republican or Tory and there is very little 
that can be done to help them - and same goes for RPM-haters.

> Still waiting for the OP to relate what he is finding. I WOULD say 
> that since he broke it, he gets to keep both pieces, but I am curious 
> about a resolution to the problem as well. He says the pulse server 
> isn't running, while he has all the packages installed. We shall see. 
> At least he has his problem bumped. :) Ric

We all await with bated breath to read the revelations from the OP's 
finger tips.


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