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>> On Friday 04 October 2013 12:46 AM, John R. Sowden wrote:
>>> I have 6-12 windows computers that I am not using because the 
>>> windows os is part of what gives value to the box, as far as most of 
>>> the buying world views it.
>>> I would like to (a) get rid of any non-ms programs and any data from 
>>> a computer and then save the ms windows "image" to a dvd, mark it as 
>>> associated with that specific computer,
>>> the wipe and install ubuntu.
>>> Then if I ever wanter to sell the box, I could remove ubuntu and 
>>> install the specific windows for that computer, and sell it to 
>>> someone as a working ms windows computer.
>>> How do I reliably do this?  Do others have the same issue? Laptops 
>>> are even worse due to windows required hardware.
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> Seems you are a fedora/redhat lover?
> why choose ubuntu?
> Just wondering...
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I started with Linux in the 90s with the first distro with a book I 
could find, Red Hat 5.2.  I found that after a while, distros started 
catering to the majority of the users that were using their version.  
Red Hat went the "server" route, and I found Suse and stayed with it for 
a couple of years.  It worked will with dosemu. I found KDE fat and 
slow, and catering the the MS Windows crowd (lots of eye candy).  I also 
didn't like the fact that Suse climbed into bed with MS.  Then I head 
about Ubuntu, Mark's history, his method of getting Ubuntu in the scene 
NOW, and listened to the chatter and found that it was directed to the 
desktop, lesser experienced user, so I tried it.  When he went down the 
Unity path (I believe this is an attempt to create a common user 
interface for computers, tablets, smart phones, and touch screen 
laptops/notebooks/netbooks), I decided to make a change, but what Mark 
did, was to give us a variety of Ubuntus, so I didn't have to leave 
Ubuntu, I just went to a different version (xubuntu) and used xfce, as I 
like simple, clean, no hand holding graphics.

My business uses MS Windows to run proprietary software that 'talk' to 
remote hardware in the field, so I have to maintain a couple of win 
boxes.  I usually buy used computers these days, as the technology is so 
far advanced from what I need that chasing the bleeding edge is a waste 
of money (I did that in the '70s-I bought the first hard drive ever 
manufactured for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 (10 MB Corvus in 1978 
for $5,000.00), and a Diablo daisy wheel printer kit for $2,500.00).  We 
still use DOS on a network with WordStar and Foxpro, which I use to 
write applications for internal use.  This is what is really missing 
from Linux, a database application that a business person can write 
applications for.  I have been using the dBASE/Foxpro software since I 
purchased dBASE II from George Tate of Ashton-Tate at a West Coast 
Computer Faire. Those were fun days, circa 1979.

Back to reality,


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