Total Networking Failure after upgrade to 12.04LTS

Hal Burgiss hal at
Sun Jul 28 22:31:25 UTC 2013

On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 2:39 PM, Ric Moore <wayward4now at> wrote:

> On 07/27/2013 10:32 PM, compdoc wrote:
>>>  Back in the olden days, he might have an IRQ issue as well. He might
> want to look in his bios to see just what is what. If both of those NICS
> are on the Mobo, he might have a bios setting to enable or disable one or
> both. I'd disable one, just to reduce the overhead issues. If they are
> addon's, I'd physically remove one. Then there is less confusion for the OS
> to deal with. And, yes. Re-install using the live version from the CD. For
> whatever reason, using the straight installer has a very high network
> detection failure rate. Ric
These are integrated into the MB. The irq thing is worth checking.

And, on the other distro issue, we have standardized on Ubuntu, so I don't
see changing that.

I did run across something interesting via google where someone with the
same Nic had a network failure after an upgrade, and the ultimate cause was
a auto-negotiation issue and downgrading to 100mbs worked.
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