CardDAV to Evolution Data Server to Thunderbird?

Sajan Parikh sajan at
Wed Jul 3 06:51:39 UTC 2013

I'm fairly sure this isn't possible, else it'd be all over the 
internet.  However, I thought I'd try my luck here to see if anyone has 
any ideas.

My bottom line goal is to sync a CardDAV contact list into Thunderbird.  
I don't need two way, just server -> Thunderbird.

Now, obviously Thunderbird doesn't support CardDAV out of the box. It 
does however have a third party plugin that 'works'.  Let's put that 
plugin aside for the moment while I put the following on the table.

Is there a way for me to populate contacts into the Evolution Data 
Server using CardDAV?  Reason I ask is because there seems to be some 
sort of link between EDS and Thunderbird with the 'Personal' address 
book that you can't really delete in Thunderbird.

My thought is that if I populate EDS with my CardDAV contacts, 
Thunderbird will read them into that 'Personal' address book.

It's possible this is a stupid question.  I've never had anything to do 
with EDS ever, and I will indeed look at asking that community as well.  
However I'm posting here because I think the Thunderbird to EDS 
relationship is Ubuntu specific.

If the above is not possible, let me ask a more general question.

How are people meant to populate the 'Personal' address book in 
Thunderbird from outside Thunderbird, and what is the purpose of the EDS 
Contact Integration plugin installed by default in Thunderbird?

Sajan Parikh
/Owner, Noppix LLC/

e: sajan at
p: (563) 726-0371

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