receive e-mail with postfix (blocked by....?)

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-Thufir, if your aren't the owner of the domain you can't use this domain to receive mail. Maybe you can send mails but this is another question and in most cases you will be marked as spam because of this.

Create another domain and use this to get your mail working.

If you can't use port 25 TCP you're stuck. This port is for receive mails from outside and always need to be fordwarded to postfix. This is the only way to do this.
You can use other ports for pop, smtp+ssl and imap but port 25 is the standard por to get working the server.

If you wan't learn about e-mail servers it's a good choice, but if you only wan't earn some money i preffer buy a hosting and get out about this problem. Maybe your postfix will work but without a fixed IP you will be mark as spam on every host in the world (this include hotmail, gmail and yahoo).
Read about SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Those tools will help you with your domain marked as spam.

There is a very good e-book about postfix on internet and you can read! This will help you to get this working.

Best regards and kept reading!


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On Tue, 31 Dec 2013 00:58:27 +0000, David Fletcher wrote:

> You also can get postfix to operate as a LAN (not open) email relay to
> send out via your 1&1 or whatever authenticated SMTP box.

I don't need to send, just receive.

I looked at, interesting.  In my case I have just the FQDN but do not have the domain -- that domain 
is owned by someone else.

I was looking at ports, and it looks like most ISP's block port 25.

I would need an outside SMTP box to send to **this** box on a specific 
port, I think, to receive.


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