DO NOT install Tupi 2D Animation software

Nandakumar nandakumar96 at
Tue Dec 31 01:04:42 UTC 2013

Can you send the Control file of that deb? And preinst, postinst scripts?

On 12/31/13, Roger <arelem at> wrote:
>>This is DANGEROUS software.
>>I use Ubuntu 12.10. I installed Tupi (2D Animation package) and without
>>warning it uninstalled software. (Downloaded it from the SourceForge site
>> as
>>a .deb)
>>It removed:
>>software centre
>> How do you know that it has uninstalled them?
>> What do you see if you do
>> apt-cache policy gedit
>> Copy/paste the result here
>> Colin
> Thanks Colin, Giles and Nandakumar.
> In SourceForge I downloaded the tupi_0.2-git01.tar.gz
> ( and
> followed the installation procedure as per files in the tarball.
> Tupi installed, worked perfectly, but it wasn't until I went to use
> Inkscape and GIMP that I realised that they were no longer installed on
> my system.I am convinced that the programs were uninstalled becasue they
> could not be located anywhere on the system. When opening .svg, only
> Image Viewer (and Firefox) was available and .xcf could not be opened
> except by imageMagick, which was the only option available.
> In any case none of this should have happened. Regardless of i386 or
> x86_64, software should not be erased without permission. No update,
> delete or overwrite permissions were requested or granted for the
> installation of Tupi, which took a suspicious 15+ minutes to complete. I
> did not force the installation.
> When I reinstalled GIMP via terminal apt-get, the system removed
> everything "Tupi" except for a couple of config files and a palette. It
> seems that there was a conflict between the installation of
> tupi/gimp/inkscape.
> I have 1TB HDD of which 25% is used.
> Since then I have re-installed the software, and as per instructions (to
> install Software Centre again I used the code on:
> apt-get update; sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install software-center
> software-properties-common software-properties-gtk|
> Which repaired a huge number of internal files.
> Thanks again,
> Sonia

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