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> I know Ubuntu One offers some space, and is 200GB
> for $6/mo.
> That's the going price?  About 100GB.  Maybe I'll get a USB enclosure
> instead.  Just wondering anyone knows of other rsync friendly sites for
> home use.
> thanks,
> Thufir
What are you wanting the space for?

For backup, general storage, expansion, etc?

If for backup, an on-site USB enclosure has different plusses and minuses
than off-site.  Primarily, an on-site USB will have quicker backups and
restores and be generally easier to secure.  It is more vulnerable to
theft, fire/physical damage, and electrical surge since you are basically
putting all of your data in one physical location.

For off-site, you might look at  They are $6 a month for
unlimited backup, but it is intended as a backup service, not a "cloud
storage" service.  For cloud storage, Google drive is around $5 per month
for 100 GB, Amazon cloud drive is around $4.20 per month for 100 GB or
there are thousands of other providers small and large in various price

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