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> I think you're asking what happens when a user trashes an e-mail from
> their client?  AFAIK, it's removed immediately, that's the point of
> IMAP.  That's provided that they have the client configured to do so, in
> TB I believe there's a setting about that, what to do with deleted
> e-mails.

It's under Account Settings -> Server Settings

"when I remove a message"

x  move it to trash
   just mark deleted
   remove immediately

so, in the default setting above, I don't think TB is configured to tell 
the IMAP server to remove it.  However, if the client has that box 
checked, then, yes, I think it happens right away.

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If you do not empty your trash manually (which a lot of users wont do) how long until the server removes them or will they sit in trash forever. Is there a setting to say automatically remove messages from trash that have resided there for more than 30 days.
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