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Mon Dec 16 21:35:37 UTC 2013

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 9:38 AM, Johnny Rosenberg
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> 2013/12/16 Kenneth Marcy <kmmos1 at>
>> On 12/15/2013 8:30 PM, Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
>>> In some OSen there's a way to make arbitrary characters, even on a
>>> limited keyboard.
>>> Right now I'm wanting to use some of the characters from Latin-1 in
>>> chat rooms that have no special provision for this, and I only have a
>>> USA keyboard.  I can cut-and-paste the characters, but that's super
>>> clumsy.  I like to keep my fingers in one spot.
>>> Is there a way to do this on Linux?
>>> I'm on Xubuntu 13.04, if it matters.
>> Just type in the Unicode number for the symbol you want after typing in
>> Ctrl + Shift + u.
>> For example, Ctrl + Shift + u then U00A1 results in an inverted
>> exclamation mark.
> No. Ctrl+Shift+u 00A1 (or Ctrl+Shift+u 00a1). Skip the U.
> If you are using the Opera web browser, you use Ctrl+Shift+x instead, and
> you enter it AFTER the code:
> 00a1 Ctrl+Shift+x
> Then 00a1 is replaced with ”¡”.

Interesting.  I was about to write back that it wasn't working for me,
but with a little more trying, I find that you left out two important
1. There's a timeout.  You've got to type it fairly fast.  Not short
enough to be a problem once I'm used to it, but it set me back.
2. The translation does not appear until I type something else, like a
space, possibly anything but a backspace.

Anyway, thanks.  This gets me started.  Now I guess I'll learn about
the "compose key" approach as well.

Kevin O'Gorman

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