Strange failure, probably video card

Kevin O'Gorman kogorman at
Sun Dec 8 22:19:13 UTC 2013

On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 1:59 PM, Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:
> Kevin O'Gorman wrote:
>> Kernel is 2.8.0-31-generic SMP x86_64 (amd 4-core)
> I suppose you mean 3.8.0-31 ... that would be the lts-raring kernel of
> Ubuntu 12.04 (although the latest lts-raring kernel is 3.8.0-34). Or are
> you using Ubuntu 13.04?
Yes.  3.8.0-31.  I actually seem to have -19, -31, -32, -33, and -34 in /boot.
I don't know why it's running -31, since I rebooted after the last upgrade.
After I send this, I'll see if I can get grub to try -34.

>> I don't think it's the driver because I have had this card for several
>> years, but the log messages started just a week or so ago.
> Agreed, that looks suspicious, but it still might be triggered by some
> software upgrade.
>> However, I'm not sure how to even tell what driver I'm using, and I
>> fool around with many things on this machine -- I don't remember what
>> i did about drivers.
> If you fool around ith many things, could it be that you were playing
> with virtualization when the problem started? The AMD-Vi error message
> seems to be related to virtualization / iommu (not that I know much
> about it, but that's what I found when searching for the error message).

No.  I haven't fooled with virtualization in some years.  And not at all since I
installed 64-bit from scratch.

>> It may help to know that among the installed packages are
>>   nvidia-304
>>   xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
>>   nvidia-settings-304
> Then you probably have the proprietary nvidia driver in use. You can
> check it with the command
> lsmod|grep nvidia
> if it shows "nvidia" it is the proprietary driver, if it returns
> nothing, it is the "nouveau" driver.

It shows 'nvidia'

> Actually I have the same video card and also the lts-raring kernel in
> this machine. I think I had some problem with the nvidia-304 package and
> therefore I installed the nvidia-304-updates package. I don't see your
> error messages in the logs, but I don't have two monitors and I have an
> Intel CPU.

Changing again.  Settings-> Software&Updates -> Additional drivers
from 313-update to 310-update.

doing update-grub

> Nils
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