Installation of older ubuntu

Bill Dengler(arch Gnu/Linux) billkd2008 at
Fri Apr 26 01:42:08 UTC 2013

#Here's my recommendation :
#become root
sudo -i
#upgrade to latest Ubuntu(12.04 is one release behind and I think 13.04 
releases tomorrow)
#add repo for full gnome
add-apt-repository -y ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3
#update headers
apt-get update
#install full gnome
apt-get install gnome
#exit root shell
#now, you can log out and pick either gnome or gnome-session-fallback 
from the sessions list, I think the display manager shows it as "gnome 
classic(no effects)"

On 04/25/13 21:12, JD wrote:
> On 04/25/2013 06:21 PM, bryan hamilton wrote:
>> I would like to start off by saying that "I love ubuntu" but i'm not 
>> a fan of the new user interface (ubuntu 12.04).  I see that most 
>> other OS dev's seem to be going in a similar route in gui design. 
>> anyway I've recently upgraded to 12.04 (fresh install) and would like 
>> to downgrade
>> my question is,
>> if i was to 'downgrade' to say any older and now unsupported 'LT' 
>> will i be able to download applications and such forever-ever-ness ? 
>> meaning are the repo's staying online/accessible via apt?  and if so, 
>> can i get the repo links ?
>> I had planned on downgrading to 10.04.
>> I hoped i was able to explain that well enough.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> bryan
> Hi Bryan,
> It would help all members of this list if you explained which "new 
> interface"
> you are referring to?
> Gnome?
> If Gnome (i.e Gnome 3), then I do sympathize because I loath Gnome3.
> That is why I installed Mate (which is Gnome2 reborn.
> Hats off to the Mate developers.

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