Xubuntu and security

Joep L. Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Sun Apr 14 21:27:20 UTC 2013

On 14/04/13 17:25, Colin Law wrote:

> I don't use Xfce so can only point you in the general direction, since
> no-one more knowledgeable has responded.  I would expect the synaptic
> menu entry to be looking for a desktop file, probably
> synaptic.desktop.  It should look in /usr/share/applications for this
> and the Exec line there should point to synaptic-pkexec.  Perhaps you
> have another synaptic.desktop somewhere that does not specify pkexec
> (in .local/share/applications possibly).  Alternatively have you
> customised the menu and it is now using a different desktop file?
> Either way if you google for xfce customise menu you should find how
> the menus work and can look at the configuration files to work out
> what it is doing wrong.
> Colin
Thanks for your reply. It is helpful and I'll look into your 
suggestions. I think you're right. Somewhere in the dim past I did 
something that was not quite correct. I always use LTS distributions and 
always upgrade (I think from 8.04 to 12.04) but maybe it is a good idea 
to make a clean install to solve it. I have my home on a separate 
partition so that's no problem. However, I have several databases (Mysql 
and sql) and they have there own directories outside Home and I haven't 
(as yet) put them in my backup system (but that has to be done!.

Thanks. As I wrote above, it is presumably caused by my continuously 
upgrading instead of using fresh installs (but that's such a hassle).

If you ever had an unexpected disk-crash (and disk-crashes re always 
unexpected) on one of the systems you manage, you're very thankful for 
backupPC as it backups your system without any user activity on a daily 
base. Power Manager is the tool that switches of your screen when you're 
not working and I find it a necessity.
Separate keyboard shortcuts are a good idea but I'm too lazy to 
implement them.

Maybe non-technical users need nonsense names (what does the high priest 
means with the - for the layman unintelligible term - "Terminal 
Emulator" which doesn't mean a thing to him just as xfce-terminal?).
And the only thing I ask is a translation list from fancy names to 
program names. The fancy names are an invention of Microsoft which they 
began to use in I thought DOS III.

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