Xubuntu and security

Robert Spanjaard spamtrap at arumes.com
Sat Apr 13 20:48:52 UTC 2013

On Sat, 13 Apr 2013 11:58:05 +0200, Joep L. Blom wrote:

> I want to know if someone has a solution for "quirks" in xubuntu which
> are rather annoying. I use xubuntu 12.04 as I only use LTS versions.
> 1. The most irritating one is that the Xfce main menu the programs
> refuse to request for root permission (for those that require it) and
> run as normal user (or don't run). Examples are synaptic (that wont
> start from the menu and can only be started with  synaptic-pkexec and if
> you want to do something useful you have to start it with sudo. Idem
> with Update Manager.

Something must have gone wrong, because I don't have any issues with those 
programs in Xubuntu 12.04. They work exactly the same as in Ubuntu.
> 2. Irritating is also that e.g. backupPC will not start before I
> explicitly have opened the external device where the backup files reside
> (although it is in the startup list).
> In the same league is the fact that Power Manager doesn't start
> automatically but must be explicitly started manually and only as simple
> user and never ask if I want it to run as root (which was normal in
> 10.04).

I don't know why you'd want to run Power Manager in root, but again, on my 
computers the Power Manager works just fine.

I know I'm not very helpful with these answers, but the least I could do 
was to point out that your problems are not designed that way.

> 3. What is the very irritating reason to use fancy names instead of the
> CLI commands in the menus. It is this hiding of of commands that is one
> of the most irritating habits of Windows (and Mac a presume). And if the
> powers that decide to mimic others why oh why don't they give a list
> with translations so normal people can find the CLI commands that are
> hidden.

Normal people don't care about the CLI at all. And I think something like 
"File Manager" is much easier to understand for normal users than "Thunar" 
or "Nautilus".

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