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On 9 April 2013 08:39, Ric Moore <wayward4now at gmail.com> wrote:

> I figured this is off-topic, but we need to put our money where our mouth
> is, if we want our LO/OO documents to be acceptable to the US Government:
> https://petitions.whitehouse.**gov/petition/establish-open-**
> document-formats-all-**government-correspondence/**94wBGHT1<https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/establish-open-document-formats-all-government-correspondence/94wBGHT1>
> Give 'em hell, Harry! Ric
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Actually, this could have been put in a bit of context and made it
perfectly on topic for the list. Putting the link in a better context may
not have required the "OT" tags that in and of themselves make the post
inappropriate for this list. Once such example of a different possibility
is shown below:

As a long term Ubuntu users I've often struggled with my dealings with
government departments that have arcane requirements to use expensive,
closed products when dealing with them. I've often had to fiddle around to
get open source products to fit the stringent requirements of a document.
To combat this technical issue I've started a collective petition in my
country *insert link here* that anyone else having dealings with these
departments might be interested in as a possible solution that might be
slightly out of the box compared to normal.

I wanted to share it with the list in the hopes of inspiring those in other
locations who are facing similar bureaucratic issues in using Ubuntu
products might find this approach valuable to them in assisting with their
dealings with those who currently don't accept open documentation.


Jared Norris
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