system failure

norman silverstone norman at
Mon Apr 8 17:10:06 UTC 2013

>> Thank you, this looks good. However, how do I access and install the
>> software when the keyboard and mouse buttons do not work reliably?
> What interface do your keyboard and mouse use?
> If they are USB, if they stop responding, try removing both from the
> PC and replacing them /in different ports./
> If they are PS/2, try spare USB ones - these can be inserted on the
> fly, while the PC is running. (This is not a good idea with PS/2
> interface devices.)
> If you use a wireless keyboard & mouse, try switching to wired ones.
I have tried all the permutations suggested including USB keyboard and a 
wireless mouse. I am looking into the effect of using an earlier Kernel, 
we shall see.


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