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On 04/08/2013 10:20 AM, George Reinhart wrote:
> I'm moving into Linux for the first time, though I was a Unix user in
> the 80s.  Downloaded the current stable version, and found that at 753MB
> it was too big to fit onto a 702MB CD.  So I looked back a bit and
> downloaded ubuntu-12.04.2-alternate-i386.iso, which fit, figuring I'd
> upgrade after it was installed.  This is going onto a Dell DHP, which is
> set to boot from CD but doesn't have the option of booting from USB.
> So I start it up and it just repeatedly asks me if I want to retry the
> boot.  Is the .iso supposed to be a bootable file?

Yes, it's an image of a bootable CD/DVD.

You may want to make sure, that you "burn the disk image" to CD, as
opposed to just write/burn/backup it as a file.

If Dell DHP has a DVD drive, you can burn the standard .iso to DVD and
then boot from it.

If you indeed burned the image to CD, and it's not booting, you may want
to compare the checksums of the downloaded .iso and the one given on the
download site.

Sarunas Burdulis

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