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Mon Apr 8 14:31:55 UTC 2013

On 8 April 2013 15:20, George Reinhart <george at> wrote:
> I'm moving into Linux for the first time, though I was a Unix user in the
> 80s.  Downloaded the current stable version, and found that at 753MB it was
> too big to fit onto a 702MB CD.

It is not a CD image. It's a DVD ISO. You need to burn it onto a blank
DVD using a DVD burner.

> So I start it up and it just repeatedly asks me if I want to retry the boot.
> Is the .iso supposed to be a bootable file?  If not, what else to I need?
> Will appreciate any help.

Tell us the steps you took in order to burn it, on what OS.

There is no use just dropping it onto a blank disk and creating a disk
with a single .ISO file in the root directory. That is not burning an
image; that is burning a disk with a single file on it. The result
will not be bootable.

There are instructions on the site:

Did you follow these?

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