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Liam Proven lproven at
Mon Apr 8 00:33:32 UTC 2013

On 30 March 2013 06:11, Gary Kirkpatrick <garyartista at> wrote:
> Gmail's new compose feature does not give us a way to bottom post.  Has
> anyone found a solution?

Sure, it's easy.

If you are a keyboard jockey, as I am, do this:

When you hit Reply & get the new compose-in-a-subwindow inside the
Gmail window, press Ctrl-A to select all.

This automagically "expands" the quoted text hidden behind the
graphical [...] at the bottom of the compose subwindow.

If you now try to go directly to the bottom, it gets confused, so
don't. Press Ctrl-Home to go to the top of the edit area.

Now, press Del 2 or 3 times to get rid of the leading blank lines it
automatically inserts.

Then, skip to the end with Ctrl-End, or hold down Shift and use the
cursor keys to move down. This allows you to select text to delete in
order to trim your reply.

PgDn & PgUp work too but the app is very poor at updating the screen
to show the selection. Usually, even if it does not show it, it is
actually doing it and you can hit Del at the end to remove the
selected text. If it gets it wrong, you can try Ctrl-Z to undo, but
mostly, it's simpler to click the bin/trashcan button at the bottom
and start over.

Then once you've trimmed your quoted text, move to the bottom, delete
the previous poster's sig if applicable, and then type your reply.

NB: if you delete a block of text, it will often move the cursor to
after your sig. This is a bug. I've reported it but it's been ignored
for months. Please, more people report it and it might get fixed!

Saying that, I'm not confident. Gmail is continually degrading with
recent releases.

It's significantly clunkier than it was before, but it does work.

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