traceroute bridge and network/interfaces

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sun Apr 7 13:34:43 UTC 2013

Thufir Hawat wrote:
> What I have is a an IO gear universal wifi adapter:
> which connects to a computer, or router, with ethernet cable. It is
> acting as, I believe, a bridge.  Is that correct terminology?
> Currently the IO gear wifi adapter connects to the internet port on my
> router, and then the computer is connected to the router.  The IO
> gear wifi adapter gets its connection from a *different* router,
> wirelessly.
> Is the IO gear wifi adapter acting as a bridge?

Probably yes, but the product description on that URL or the manual 
don't tell enough to decide.

> While I managed to get the device working, that was only because of
> some magic which the router performed:
> How did the router determine those settings?  How do I know what
> settings are required for /etc/network/interfaces with this device?

I suppose that magic was you. According to your answer to your askubuntu 
question the router seems to be set for manual IP addressing on the 
internet port. It can only get its IP setting either from DHCP or from 
your manual input. Could it be that it first got the settings from DHCP 
and then you switched to manual addressing where it defaulted to the 
previoulsy received DHCP addresses? According to the manual of the 
GWU627 (step 6) you should use DHCP for the device connected to it, 
which is the internet port of your router.

Anyway, the setting for your interfaces file depends on the LAN settings 
of your router which seems to use a DHCP server already. BUT you should 
not use the interfaces file if you want to use the network manager (that 
is the GUI thing labeled "network connections" from your askubuntu 
answer). If an interface is setup from the interfaces file, it is 
ignored by network manager. If you want to use network manager, remove 
the entries for eth0 and / or eth1 from the interfaces file.

And if the comments above or the other answer in this thread didn't 
help, please clarify your current setup:

Which port of your computer is connected to the router? eth0 or eth1?

>From which device is the "Access Point Status" in your askubuntu post? 
Is it the device which connects to the internet or is it the GWU627?


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