Ubuntu Studio Install Gone Bad

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Thu Apr 4 18:17:42 UTC 2013

I have installed Ubuntu Studio 13.10, but it's giving me virtually nothing but a background for the desktop... no links, bars, nothing... Here's what I've gotten so far.

1. I'd downloaded the OSI image.
2. Burned it to a DVD at slowest speed.
3. Installed it onto my other computer.

Problems found:

1. I cannot enter my password without first hitting the "Num Lock", and then I have to use the number keypad for numbers, rather the numbers at the top of my qwerty.
2. I get the warning that "The application Compiz has closed unexpectedly.
3. Then when it goes to the desktop, there is nothing but the desktop image; no bar of menues, no links, no nothing.

I'd done this all twice, from a different download place, just in case the first one was corrupted.


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