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On 02/04/13 22:11, William Scott Lockwood III wrote:
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> > Then read the 'Read the full installation instructions' and any 
> conscientious and eager novice will then read the part at the end 
> which states, "More technical detailed technical are available on the 
> Ubuntu wiki" and this will take one to-
> >
> > �
> >
> > And what is stated there?
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> > BC
> What's most odd to me about this, is that clearly it works for the 
> vast majority.

This just "doesn't compute" :-) .

"...clearly it works for the vast majority" is an assumption on your 
part and is not provable on either count: the "clearly works" part and 
on the "vast majority" part :-) .

If you read mail lists you will find that suddenly out of the blue 
someone will post a message - indicating that people lurk and are not 
willing, for one reason or another, to post especially when it comes to 
pointing out that there is a problem.

And more than likely that, when they tried to install the Alternate 
version of 12.04.2, they would have jumped the same conclusion as you 
did which was that nobody else has complained so the problem must be "at 
my end".

> Why is your automatic assumption that it is not the hardware, or 
> configuration, but "something is wrong with Ubuntu." rather than 
> something a little more reasonable like "something is wrong with 
> trying to install Ubuntu on this machine" and trying to figure out why 
> that is?

When I can install other distros - including the "standard" Ubuntu 
12.04.2 - without a hassle but cannot do so with Alternate version of 
12.04.2 because the darn thing freezes on the second screen of the 
installation process what is one supposed to conclude? :-)

Oh, and just to be absolutely clear on this because I specifically 
mentioned it in my original post: the DVD checked out with no errors by 
the Medium Checker on that DVD.

> Have you gone through what's in dmesg's output?

Ummmm, do you realise what you have just asked? :-)

How can I go thru dmesg' output when the bloody thing freezes on the 
second screen of the installation sequence? :-)

> As an aside, If you don't like Ubuntu, or just a part of it, there are 
> other good options out there. For example, while I persinally can't 
> stand the Unity interface, a lot of people do seem to like it. 
> UbuntuStudio is thus my primary platform.

I have not heard of it but now that you mention it I'll have a look at 
what it is. Always good to learn about different distros (if, in fact, 
it is another distro to the proppa Ubuntu with its Unity).

> It gives me a lot of software I would normally have to install later, 
> lacks Unity, etc. I'm sure you don't mean to, but you come across 
> slightly miffed or something.

"Miffed"? If you are defining 'miffed' to mean "pissed off" then, NO I 
am not 'miffed'.

As you would have gathered by now I am using another distro (openSUSE) 
and what happens to Ubuntu is something which is immaterial to me. I 
have installed Ubuntu (again, after some years) because, as I stated, I 
try and help people here and so thought that it would be a good idea to 
have a copy installed to see what others are experiencing and asking 
questions about.

*But* the reason why I mentioned my experience with Alternate version of 
12.04.2 is simply that if someone is trying to move away from, say, 
Windows and comes across this problem where the damn thing cannot get 
past the second screen of the installation sequence then it reflects on 
*all* things Linux. "I've been warned about Linux - it's for the geeks; 
but I have never had problems with Windows." And I don't like this.


Using openSUSE 12.3 x86_64 KDE 4.10.1 & kernel 3.8.5-1 on a system with-
AMD FX 8-core 3.6/4.2GHz processor
16GB PC14900/1866MHz Quad Channel Corsair "Vengeance" RAM
Gigabyte AMD3+ m/board; Gigabyte nVidia GTX550Ti 1GB DDR5 GPU

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