can't access a link in folder

rikona rikona at
Tue Apr 2 18:13:33 UTC 2013

Hello Nils,

Saturday, March 30, 2013, 2:16:55 PM, Nils wrote:

> rikona wrote:
>> Saturday, March 30, 2013, 12:27:15 AM, Nils wrote:
>> > May I propose a totally different approach? I use NFS to share files
>> > between my machines via the LAN. I know that symlinks work with
>> > Windows accessing NFS shares.
>> Verrrry interesting idea! From casual remarks I thought NFS was a
>> replacement for ext4 etc, but I see it's an add-on like samba. And if
>> links work, it might do what I want.

> What I didn't mention in the previous mail: If you want to use symlinks
> across file systems on your Linux machine, they have to be mounted in 
> the same exported directory tree. If you would export separate directory
> trees Windows would access them as separate devices (e.g. G: and H:) and
> links wouldn't work because the links on the Linux side don't know about
> the separate Windows device names.

I think what I'm trying to do may be okay, but it might be worthwhile
to describe some of the details of what I'm trying to do just to make
sure. The Linux directory would be a single directory containing both
data and links. The links in this directory would refer to files on
the same machine, files in a different directory on the same machine,
other directories on the same machine, and files and directories on
multiple Windows and Linux boxes. I am estimating about 50 to 100
links and several hundred data files in this single directory.

I think of it as a single place one can go to to simplify moving
information in specific places on one machine to specific places on
another machine. Would your comments above restrict any of the
functions I am trying to achieve? 

Again, my thanks for the help.     



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