Is there any way I can get access to the rest of my memory?

Graham Watkins at
Thu Sep 27 18:22:43 UTC 2012

On 23/09/12 10:46, PleegWat wrote:
> Isn't PAE in the desktop kernel nowadays? I don't know, I've been on
> 64bit for a while now.
> You may want to poke in your BIOS for a memory remapping feature.
> Normally the top ~1GB of your system memory is shadowed by device
> addresses. Your BIOS can remap the 'real' memory to a different
> address range, making it accessible to PAE-aware operating systems.
> Some BIOSes have this feature disabled by default since it reduces the
> amount of memory visible to non-PAE aware OSes to 2GB or 3GB,
> depending on the BIOS.
> You may also want to verify if all of your hardware is actually
> compatible - both your CPU and your chipset have to be able to handle PAE.
I've looked in the bios (mobo is ASUS P5VD2-VM) for a memory remapping 
feature and there isn't one.  I've already installed the latest bios 
update so that won't help.  Googling brings up the problem but no 
solution.  It looks as though I'm stuck
as NoOp says:

> And until you change that (see PleegWat's reply), 3GB is all you'll see
> - regardless of whether you are running 32bitPAE or 64bit.
Curses on ASUS for making a motherboard that will hold 4Gb RAM but won't 
use it.  More curses on Crucial RAM for telling me I needed 4Gb ram.

Thanks to everyone who posted.  It's been an education.



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