Is there any way I can get access to the rest of my memory?

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Sun Sep 23 09:46:50 UTC 2012

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On 09/23/2012 09:35 AM, Graham Watkins wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've just installed 12.04 + Mate.  At the same time I upped my
> memory to 4gb. I already knew that my 32 bit system wouldn't
> recognise all of it but I was somewhat disappointed to find that
> only 2.9gb showed up.
> A bit of googling suggested that installing the PAE kernel would
> make more memory accessible.  This I have done but it hasn't made
> any difference.
> I know that I should get the full memory if I install the 64 bit
> version but, if I have understood correctly, this would use twice
> as much memory anyway, giving me equivalent to 2gb on a 32 bit
> system, so I don't really see the point.
> Is there anything else I can do to get my system to access more of
> its memory, or am I stuck with this?
> Cheers,
> Graham

Isn't PAE in the desktop kernel nowadays? I don't know, I've been on
64bit for a while now.

You may want to poke in your BIOS for a memory remapping feature.
Normally the top ~1GB of your system memory is shadowed by device
addresses. Your BIOS can remap the 'real' memory to a different
address range, making it accessible to PAE-aware operating systems.
Some BIOSes have this feature disabled by default since it reduces the
amount of memory visible to non-PAE aware OSes to 2GB or 3GB,
depending on the BIOS.

You may also want to verify if all of your hardware is actually
compatible - both your CPU and your chipset have to be able to handle PAE.

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