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Dnia 2012-09-24, o godz. 17:32:16
Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com> napisał(a):

> On 24 September 2012 17:09, Jan Litwiński <jlitwinski at vp.pl> wrote:
> >>
> > I know all about XFCE, Kubuntu but I want to ask your opinion about
> > Unity
> As I said:
> I like Unity. I find it more elegant & more efficient that GNOME 2.
> I use 2 monitors, side-by-side. I have /lots/ of horizontal space
> (3200 pixels) but only one-third as much vertically.
> So I wanted vertical panels in GNOME. This is easy in Windows and
> works well in everything up to Windows 7, where it is a kludge but
> still works.
> It never worked worth a damn in GNOME 2, very badly in KDE and poorly
> in XFCE.
> That is what Unity gives me. It is a poor man's Mac OS X desktop and I
> like Mac OS X, so I like it.
> When I upgraded to 11.04, it imported all my GNOME app-starter
> shortcut icons and placed them in the Launcher.
> The file manager is the same, the desktop is the same, the icons and
> apps are all the same - that's fine.
> Just the panels have been replaced with a menu bar and a "dock". This
> suits me fine.
> Unity's keyboard controls are better than GNOME 2's, too.
> The only thing that is worse is the virtual-desktops icon, which does
> not show thumbnail windows. That is the one thing, the only thing,
> that I think GNOME 3 Shell does better: virtual desktops. Others like
> the overview screen GNOME 3 shows when you hit the Windows key; this
> is something Unity could easily copy.

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