*Ubuntu does not any more recognise the printer Samsung ML-1660.

Krzysztof Mitko kmitko at mm.st
Sat Sep 22 13:40:03 UTC 2012

W dniu 22.09.2012 15:28, Amichai Rotman pisze:
> I have a Samsung ML-1640 and it works great!
> How did yo switch to 12.04? Upgrade? Fresh install?
> If you've upgraded, it might be a configuration conflict for CUPS.
> I did a fresh install and it popped up as soon as I connected it and
> turned it on...
> Try re-configuring CUPS.
> Good Luck!

Same here - I used Samsung "Unified driver" on a 10.04, but on a fresh
install of 12.04 ML-1660 worked just after plugging in, without
additional software. Perphaps removing all files installed during
process and trying again should help.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Mitko

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